Long Journey Home

Today we played for the Farmers’ Market in New Boston, NH. We had a great time, and we sang one of our favorite songs, Long Journey Home. And in a way, it was a journey home. This band started 40 years ago in Goffstown, NH, a town adjacent to New Boston, so it felt like a homecoming. And a bar we played frequently in Go-town was called Jearnie’s End, named for proprietors Janet and Earnie, who took very good care of us. So the theme of a journey was appropriate.

A line in the song goes, “Lost all my money but a two dollar bill,” and, lo and behold, someone in the audience ran up to us and tipped us with a $2 bill. Thank you, and thanks to all the wonderful people in New Boston.

2 thoughts on “Long Journey Home

  1. Spent all of my favorite time onstage with you three. Glad to see that you are still making folks happy through live performances. Stay safe + creative. Miss ya’ all.

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