Winter Projects

Winter is a quiet season for the Plough. We are looking forward to our first gig of 2023 at the indoor Milford Farmers Market at the end of the month. But we’ve each been keep busy musically.

Dave recently went into the recording studio, Majestic Music in Hampton Falls, NH, to work on some original tracks by local musician Brian Zudeck. The four songs are in post-production now, so stay tuned for a release announcement. Dave has also begun work on an album of coal mining songs in honor of his grandfathers and features many of his musical friends. More on this later.

Bill keeps busy with sessions in various places, and he always makes times for bird watching.

Patrick is working on a project to preserve recordings he made of Allan Block’s weeks long fiddle workshop at the Music Emporium in 1986.  At that time he used a mono Panasonic cassette recorder to capture repertoire.  The six cassettes sat for decades in a box until a recent conversation with Sarah Jane Nelson, author of an article on Allan’s life and work in the Fall 2014 edition of Fiddler Magazine, got the project in motion.  Here is another article by Sarah Jane in tribute of Allan. Tune back in for updates.

Allan Block leading a fiddle workshop at Pat’s Peak for the NH Folk Festival 1978

Front left to right Caroline Parrot, Brad Dorsey, Patrick Hornig, Allan (standing)