About the Band

40 years and counting.  We are heading into another season and looking forward to playing out again.  Please contact us for bookings.  Do it soon before our schedule fills up.

The Plough started as a collaboration between Tom Campbell and Dave Medvitz back in 1981.  After a series of gigs, the duo landed a regular booking at Jearnie’s End in Goffstown, NH.   There Patrick Hornig and Bill Perry began to show up regularly to listen, and before long they joined the group establishing the Plough as a quartet.

We’ve always been interested in a wide range of acoustic music featuring fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, whistle and ocassionally throwing in some mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, octave mandolin and more.

It’s been many years, and through some ups and downs, the Plough is back together and better than ever.  Tom has retired to Florida and still contributes to our recordings.  Patrick, Dave and Bill remain based in southern NH and northeast Massachusetts.

We perform at a variety of venues including farmers markets, apple orchards, farms, coffeehouses, pubs, private parties, etc.  And we are very active in the recording studio, having released three albums.

We hope we get a chance to play for you.

Speed the Plough